• Cyrano EVO HF w/Bungee Spearguns


    Cyrano Evo HF with Bungee

    The Cyrano Evo HF has a completely new look and design. 

    Mares introduces the latest pneumatic speargun to their line, the CYRANO EVO HF. This innovation represents an enormous improvement in the evolution of pneumatic spearguns. Speed, precision, power,  manuverability, and  the ease of use makes the Cyrano Evo HF the pneumatic speargun of choice for  every spearfisherman. 


    -  Hydro formed barrel add buoyancy and hydrodynamics 

    - Internal Barrel which is 11mm has been shifted upwards off-axis for a   

       better line of sight

    - Head with angled water-drain channels and holes

    - Highly sensitive trigger mechanism

    - Distance between trigger and handle can be adjusted to suit personal 


    - EVO Piston increases speed and makes loading easier with better lubrication

    - Oversized air passages in the inner barrel makes for higher volume 

    - New performed oarange anatomic grip 

    - Shaft race: 7MM single barb tahitian shaft

    - Spiro vertical reel included

    - Carry bag included

    Mares equipment comes with a 2 year limited manufacture warranty 

    warranty information available at www.mares.com