• Mares Instinct 12S Regulator

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    Mares Instinct 12S Regulator

    The First stage 12S features DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) system with consistent flow. Tri-material poppet to guarantee high reliability and four pre-oriented LP ports.

    The second stage is one of a kind hydrodynamic second stage shape with lateral exhaust tee and light weight. 

    The revolutionary design of the second stage introduces a multitude of benefits. The side exhaust deflects the exhaled breath, so that hardly any bubbles will ever crowd your view. The angled diaphragm combined with the VAD (Vortex Assist Design) system ensures high performance in any orientation. Compensating openings in the back minimize the likelihood of free flows in strong currents.

    All current in line Mares Regulators are compatible up to 40% Oxygen (EAN 40) right out of the box.

    Mares equipment comes with a 2 year limited manufacture warranty 

    warranty information available at www.mares.com