• Puck Air w/ Compass

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    Puck Air w/ Compass

    Sleek, reliable, ergonomic and easy to use

    • Integrated pressure gauge and residual air time calculation
    • Display Area with a dot matrix insert
    • Air, Nitrox and Bottom Timer modes
    • EAN (NITROX) from 21 to 50% 

    The sporty and functional design includes all the information that enthusiasts can’t do without. With Puck Air as your guide, you’ll always know what to do. In particular, with the Easy Access System, navigating the computer menu has never seemed so easy!

    Intuitive user interface with one-button simplicity

    Analog Compass

    logbook capacity of 35 hour of dive profile at 20-second sampling rate

    user- replaceable Battery

    Multiple lanyard attachment points 

    Mares equipment comes with a 2 year limited manufacture warranty 

    warranty information available at www.mares.com