• Mares Rover 2S Regulator

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    Mares Rover 2S Regulator

    Lightweight, Sturdy, and Compact

    Piston Control First Stage

    The Rover 2S regulator is great for intensive rental use in diving center and for all divers who want reliability.

    The new Rover 2S first stage is the evolution to the piston regulator. The first stage features a sandblasted finish to resist scratches. The protection cover on the first stage is designed to allow  the installation of an RFID chip to for rental use manged by  dedicated PC software. Easy and reduced maintenance for INT and DIN versions.

    Second stage is medium sized techno polymer material and has a VAD (Vortex Assist Design) with a fluid dynamic deflector. Mesh Grid with an over sized purge button and a rubber hose.

    All current in line Mare Regulators are compatible up to 40% Oxygen (EAN 40) right out of the box.

    Mares equipment comes with a 2 year limited manufacture warranty 

    warranty information available at www.mares.com