Seal Dry Pro 2 Snorkel

$34.00 $29.00

Seal Dry-Pro 2 Snorkel

This Scubamax snorkel is a seal dry-pro 2 snorkel with a new generation design, 100% total sealed-dry top. The snorkel has a contoured barrel which reduces water resistance, has a fashionable mold with oval design to allow better airflow with a push-button release snorkel keeper, also has an easy to use angled silicone mouthpiece to help with the bite.

comes in array of colors: Clear, Black, Black/Black,Crystal Blue, Neon Yellow, Pink, White


Scubamax  guarantees its products against defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase for individual use only. The products warranty applies only under normal sport and skin diving use and with proper care and maintenance. Warranty coverage is for items purchased directly from authorized dealers.