• X Stream Mares Open Heel Fins

    $199.00 $179.95

    X Stream Fins

    X-Stream Comfort, X-ceptional Efficiency

    Riddled foot pocket no parachute effect

    Blade construction for less turbulance

    Next generation OPD(Optimaized Pivoting Blade)

    The Optimaized Pivoting Blade allows the blade to maintain an oprimal angle throughout the kicking cycle, whereas traditional fins achieve this only during a small portion of the cycle. OPD produces a constant thrust, which minimizes fatigue and produces fluid movement through the water. It is an exclusivity of Mares fins.

    The X-stream fins performance, comfort and lightweight design are the incredible result of sixty passionate years at the service of diving. The X-Stream fin is truly a leap into the future, and changes forever how we envision the creation on the fin. More than two years of resources, experiments and testing and four Mares all concentrated in one unique product.

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    Mares equipment comes with a 2 year limited manufacture warranty 

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